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Roof replacement is our specialty regardless of what kind of roof you might have. That is why we are your ideal option for installation a brand new roof for your home. The brand new roof installation, similar to any other building and construction site, might not be a safe place for kids. Every homeowner at some point needs a brand new roof, just make sure you don’t wait too long. We promise when you hire us we will make sure your new roof is installed properly to enhance your home’s exterior. We will also make sure it secures not only your house but more importantly your family from any serious weather conditions. A proper roof replacement by Newark Chimney & Roofing will quickly improve the look of your home and raise the equity of your environment.

Roof Replacement in Newark, NJ

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When it comes to picking out new roof materials we know it isn’t a easy decision so we’ll walk you through every step. We recommend asphalt roof shingles not only due to popularity but also due to the fact they are economical and also protect your home for 15-30 years. We know that replacing your roof can be a huge financial investment into your home and we want to make sure you do it right. This investment can improve the value of your home drastically. Give us a call today and we’ll make sure we can plan a new roof that fits into your budget. We take a look at the following concerning rates for your next project: your roofing’s size, pitch, and accessibility to the roofing play a role. These are merely a few of the variables that can impact the overall price of getting new roofing installed. Other aspects are the code requirements in your area, the accessories such as chimneys, plumbing system pipelines, skylights as well as many more. Our experts at Newark Chimney & Roofing are passionate in their field and qualified to be as well as do their finest. 

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We know installing a new roof can be a huge undertaking, we want to make that process simpler and easy for you. While researching a new roof system by yourself is feasible, it isn’t always a great idea specifically if you don’t have any type of experience on this field. We provide all of our customers all the information they would possibly need in order to not only pick out the right roof but also all of the costs associated with it. We want to make sure you have all of the information you need to make the right decision for your home. Our team believes that an excellent roofing system, whether it’s steel, tiles, and even rubber, should draw out the most effective in your house’s picture by looking orderly as well as well kept. For instance, from working with metal roof shingles, we know that metal shingle setup will provide you a selection of much more luxurious appearances. It can also guarantee that your roof lasts decades longer compared to basic materials. We know just how much you care about your home so we work hard to provide one of the most exceptional brand new roof that you have been hoping for. We are prepared to assist you with every one of your roofing requirements. Read DIY’s Roofing Buyer’s Guide.

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We vow to make your home more weather resistant and safe for your family with an attractive new roof, designed and installed by our skilled contractors. Newark Chimney & Roofing’s steel roofing are quickly ending up being a top selection for homeowners that appreciate the sleek, crisp look as well as the capacity to endure the most difficult weather. We make sure we take care of the whole process and leave you with little to no work at all We will be there every step of the way of the way to ensure we install your new roof properly! So don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask about your new roof. Call us at (973) 878-9837. We are happy to answer any type of inquiries you could have.

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