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In the state of New Jersey, the Uniform Building Code requires a company to have a smoke shaft accreditation for substitute of a hot water heating unit, heater, or boiler. We offer professional Chimney Certification in NJ.

Prior to mounting a new heater, central heating boiler or warm water heating unit, the property owner must make sure that smoke shaft is in safe problem, and that the chimney qualification is authorized and offered to the local code enforcement workplace. By complying to the smoke shaft accreditation we certify that chimney/vent is totally free and clear of blockage, as well as is considerably clean of residue from its previous usage offering an oil home appliance. We even more certify that the chimney/vent is suitably lined as well as sized for the appliance being set up.

We offer Chimney Certification
Newark Chimney & Roofing’s professionals are certified for a reason and that is to protect the quality and life of your home. And because we are properly certified, we can’t stress enough how important it is to keep a chimney clean regardless of the type of fuel burned. This can prevent fires as well as prevent noxious gasses from entering the home. The chimney carries away toxic gasses emitted from the fire in the fireplace and it is an important safety measure to ensure it is clean and free from blockage. Our chimney sweep service in Newark, NJ will perform routine maintenance and inspection to ensure proper safety standards are met.

Certified Chimney Professionals

It is advised that maintenance on the chimney be performed once per year. In other countries this is a standard accepted practice. However, this idea is still quite new in the United States. It is growing in popularity, though, because of the increase in deaths and injuries related to fireplaces.

Choose our services because we are experienced and affordable. It is also recommended to partner with our services because we are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), a non-profit organization that educates tests and certifies chimney sweep services.

Our chimney sweepers will first inspect the chimney for any damage and determine the extent of cleaning necessary. As mentioned on our site, we perform thorough inspections and cleaning, which goes beyond just doing routine repairs. After the inspection, the cleaning begins and the room surrounding the chimney will be protected from falling dirt and particles so no damage is incurred. Once the chimney is thoroughly brushed and clean, our technician will vacuum the particles and do a final cleaning of the surrounding area.

Some people may be tempted to do the work themselves. However, there is an aspect of danger to the job and it can be very time consuming and tiring. It is necessary to utilize the proper equipment and have access to the roof and interior of the chimney. This can sometimes prove dangerous with the use of tall ladders. You will be glad to know that Newark Chimney & Roofing services are licensed and bonded which will protect your investment.

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